Learn about CREAM and the story of our Founders



Dave Payerchin & RJ Pepino individually began their respective careers in real estate investing in 2005 & 2006. They joined forces in 2012 to begin buying rental properties in and around Central Ohio. Below are a few bullet points of their accomplishments since 2012:

Have purchased, renovated, and sold over 500 properties for a profit

Currently own and manage over 100 properties which produce over $105,000 in revenue monthly

Have successfully raised over $20 million dollars from banks and private parties

Currently manage a team of 7 people

Co-Founded and current administrators of one of the largest networking groups for Central Ohio real estate and business professionals, The CREAM (Columbus Real Estate And Money) Group

Have successfully raised and personally donated over $40,000 for local charity

Have been featured numerous times on Fox 28 Good Day Marketplace

Have been interviewed by Superintendent of Ohio Real Estate, Anne Petit on how to ethically invest in off market real estate

Their real estate company ‘Sell House Columbus’ has an ‘A’ rating with the BBB and was nominated for a 2019 Torch Award

Most recently written up in Yahoo Finance for as Top 20 Entrepreneurs thriving during the pandemic

They specialize in affordable housing and finding off market opportunities. Dave & RJ are true “boots on the ground” investors who live in and operate in Columbus and have deep knowledge of Ohio real estate.

More About RJ & David

In the years of 2005 and 2006, RJ Pepino and Dave Payerchin individually began their career paths within the real estate investment industry, where they decided to unite forces in 2012 buying rental properties around the central Ohio region. To present, the two have purchased, renovated, and sold over 1000 properties for profit and currently own and manage over 100 properties producing a revenue of approximately $105,000 monthly. They specialize in affordable housing and finding off market opportunities. RJ and Dave are true

“boots on the ground” investors who live and operate in Columbus, Ohio where they have deepened their knowledge of central Ohio real estate.


Both growing their professional lives from the ground up, they embodied the work ethic and diligence in mastering their craft. RJ Pepino originally believed that the only path to success was found in attempting to climb the corporate ladder. As he continued to be passed up on promotions, RJ knew a change needed to happen to reach the success he longed for. Through conjoining forces with Dave, they accepted the challenge in their journey to become successful entrepreneurs among real estate investments. Although the entrepreneurial direction required a large time investment, the two were determined to learn the ins and outs of the market to cultivate long term success.

RJ Pepino and Dave Payerchin founded the company, Sell House Columbus which centrally focuses on the buy and hold strategy to maximize profits in investing. After RJ read Robert Kiyosaki’s, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and Dave reading, “How to Retire Young and Retire Rich,” the two formulated a plan on how to grow a brand among the real estate industry. Through gradually building a solid network of mentors, they were able to create a foundation for the rest of their careers. RJ and Dave worked tirelessly to develop a worthy understanding of the market they desired to excel in and discovered a passion for low maintenance cash flowing properties.


Through their centralized focus on their problem solving standpoint, the mission of Sell House Columbus is to assure a return on investment. Whether it is a motivated seller who is in need of help to provide debt relief or an investor who is seeking a higher return in real estate rather than the stock market, Sell House Columbus is concentrated in upholding their clients’ needs. With just seven members on their team, they focus on adding value to their needs before anything else to ultimately create a life long customer basis who will contribute referrals.

In the beginning of their real estate endeavor, building a solid capital to expand investments became a challenge for the two entrepreneurs. They managed to raise money by making sure every private investor who lent money even when they struggled to make ends meet. One key to the success of their company, the two attribute to sustaining frugality in the beginning of their career and reinvesting their money to build growth. Rebranding their company to mainly be a buy and hold organization to expand their portfolio was a major obstacle RJ Pepino and Dave Payerchin were faced to overcome. From the year of 2013 until 2018, their focus strategy was to buy, renovate, and manage rental properties for other investors whereas now they transformed their brand to expand their market.


RJ Pepino and Dave Payerchin advise anyone seeking to build a business that it is never too late to start and when one begins their venture, put forth 100 percent, fail fast, learn from your failures, and hire a mentor. The two attribute their fast growth to their network of professionals that are masters in the industry you strive to be in to learn their craft. When asked the meaning of success RJ and Dave responded, “Success is being able to do what I want, when I want, and with whomever I want. Success is freedom.” Humans are inherently creators and once that is recognized, one must patiently develop their mind to eliminate any self-limiting beliefs that were engraved in the early years of childhood.

In terms of future plans, RJ Pepino and Dave Payerchin plan to build out their lending and consulting programs. They plan to provide the opportunity for others to learn the potential in the real estate industry to achieve financial freedom. Sell House Columbus has successfully raised $20 million from banks and private investors and in turn brought about their high level of success. They have achieved an ‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau and was nominated for a Torch Award in 2019. RJ and Dave thoroughly display the true work ethic of a successful entrepreneur and plan on continuing their speedy growth in the industry.